KNX gateway for Huawei Inverters

The KNX gateway for Huawei SUN2000 inverters provides a simple solution to transfer all relevant data from Huawei inverters to KNX. It allows integrators to take advantage of a fully integrated solar panel inverter, the data can be used to optimize energy consumption, monitoring, trending or to trigger specific action in the KNX installation. 

KNX Gateway for solar inverters
  • KNX Interface for Huawei SUN2000 inverter serie
  • Monitoring of Energy, Power, current, voltage, frequency, temperature,…
  • Connected to the inverter over Ethernet
  • Galvanic insulation from the KNX bus
  • Configurable refresh rate of inverter data
  • DIN rail mounted
  • Auxiliary power supply 12-30VDC


The KNX interface module INV-KNX is a KNX gateway for the Huawei SUN2000 inverters. It provides KNX group object for all relevant values from the inverter. See below for the complete list of objects. 

This interface is intended to be used with a SUN2000 inverter. The inverter must be connected to the local WIFI network.

Huawei KNX gateway connection


Elausys INV-KNX module is supplied from an external 12-30VDC power supply.  An Ethernet RJ45 connector and a KNX connector provide access to the KNX bus and to the ethernet network. No additional component or wiring is required.

INV-KNX gateway connection


The KNX application software includes the following group objects. All group object are refreshed at a cyclic rate defined by an ETS parameters.

Depending on the inverter model, not all of these objects may be available. See user manual for more details. In case your inverter model is not yet supported, please contact us to see the compatibility or possibility to include it.



AC Current

AC Total Current value

AC Current A

AC Current phase A

AC Current B

AC Current phase B

AC Current C

AC Current phase C

AC Voltage

AC Total Voltage

AC Voltage AB

AC Voltage phase AB

AC Voltage BC

AC Voltage phase BC

AC Voltage CA

AC Voltage phase CA

AC Voltage AN

AC Voltage phase AN

AC Voltage BN

AC Voltage phase BN

AC Voltage CN

AC Voltage phase CN

PV1 Voltage

PV1 Voltage

PV1 Current

PV1 Current

PV2 Voltage

PV2 Voltage

PV2 Current

PV2 Current

PV3 Voltage

PV3 Voltage

PV3 Current

PV3 Current

PV4 Voltage

PV4 Voltage

PV4 Current

PV4 Current

AC Power

AC Power

AC Frequency

AC Frequency


AC Reactive power


Power factor

AC Energy

Total AC Energy


Inverter efficiency


Insulation resistance


Cabinet temperature

Status 1

Standalone Teleindication

Status 2

Operating Status

Status 3

Alarms 1

Status 4

Alarms 2

Status 5

Device Status

Status 6

Fault code

User manual & ETS Database

Version : 1.00

Applicable to all products delivered after 01-JUL-2020


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