NX-KNX GE NetworX KNX interface – Caddx

ELAUSYS NX-KNX is a KNX gateway for the Caddx GE Interlogix NetworX alarm systems. It enables bidirectional communication with the alarm system using the RS232 serial port of the NetworX alarm system.

EVO-KNX - KNX Gateway
  • KNX Interface for GE NetworX alarm systems (Caddx)
  • Up to 96 zones status
  • Control up to 4 areas (arm/partial/disarm)
  • 9 status per area (alarm, entry, exit, fire,…)
  • Recall of KNX scenes for each status
  • Galvanic insulation from the KNX bus


The KNX interface module NX-KNX is a KNX gateway for the GE Interlogix NetworX Caddx alarm systems. It enables bidirectional communication with the alarm system using the RS232 serial port of the alarm system.

It allows integrators to take advantage of a fully integrated alarm system including KNX scenarios, automatic lighting using the motion detectors, arming or monitoring the system using a KNX visualization.

This interface is intended to be used with a GE Interlogix NX series alarm system. The system must be equipped with a module for RS232 communication (for instance the NX-584E).

Elausys NX-KNX overview


Elausys NX-KNX module is supplied from an external 12VDC power supply which can be provided by the AUX power supply from the alarm system.

The RS232 bus must be interconnected between the serial port of the alarm system (for instance, the NX-584E board) and the NX-KNX interface using the provided DB9 connector. No additional component or wiring is required.

Elausys NX-KNX connection


Configuration of up to 96 zones are available and will be listed in the device group objects.

By default, zone status is configured for zone 1 to 96 of the alarm system. A general parameter allows to change for zone 97 to 192. Having then the possibility to use two gateways in the same installation to cover up to 192 zones of the alarm system.

Each ZONE has 1 Group Objects (GO) for the status to KNX. 





Zone x Status

Zone status

Up to 4 areas can be configured and listed in the group objects.

By default, areas are mapped to areas 1 to 4 of the alarm system but a parameter allows to change the area numbers to cover the areas 5 to 8 of the alarm system if needed.

Each area can be controlled by using the 3 group objects: Arm, Partial arm or disarm. Several statuses are available and have a dedicated group object.

A scene can be assigned to each status. This scene number will be recalled each time the area status is active (ON).

Each area has 12 Group Objects (GO), 3 for area control  and 9 for the area status to KNX.





Area x – Arm

Arm the Area


Area x – Partial arm

Partial arm the Area


Area x – Disarm

Disarm the Area


Area x – State disarmed

Area x status


Area x – Entry delay

Area x status


Area x – Exit delay

Area x status


Area x – State armed

Area x status


Area x – State partial armed

Area x status


Area x – Fire alarm

Area x status


Area x – Siren ON

Area x status


Area x – Panic alarm

Area x status


Area x – Intrusion alarm

Area x status

User manual & ETS Database

Version : 2.00

Release date : 01-MAR-2018

Applicable only to products delivered after the release date


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